4 thoughts on “British airplanes gallery

  1. Paul Stelter

    I am looking for a pre-assembled model airplane, B-17, to give to my grandson. My father flew in one in world war 2. Do you know where I can get one?

  2. Robert Grubbs

    I have 3 different pictures of a Royal Navy aircraft that has double folding wings (wings fold twice) and what seems to have dual opposing props on the nose. It says royal navy on the tail. Seems to have two cockpits and I see no gun ports. What is it?

  3. john perry

    The royal navy plane was a fairy Gannet, there area few examples around the country.
    they really looked to be a very large aircraft. The correct title of the two propellers are that they are contra rotating! I once knew the name of the Engine- I think it might be a double Mamba.
    Cheers JOHN PERRY


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