World War 2 Military Aircraft Pictures

This section is meant to host galleries of World War 2 military aircraft pictures. My intention is not to display a photo of every single military plane that flew during the war, but rather to build a diaporama including the best pictures I can find. In other words, I make these aircraft photos available here for their sheer beauty.

Clicking on a photo will take you to a page where you’ll find more pictures of the aircraft, along with facts and specifications.

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Hurricane Tempest Lancaster

Armstrong Whitley



Beaufighter Bf-109 Do-17


Bf 109

Do 17

Do 335 F4U Corsair Fw 190

Do 335

F4U Corsair

Fw 190

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4 thoughts on “World War 2 Military Aircraft Pictures

  1. Richey Stewart

    I enjoy taking, first my sons now my grandsons, to watch the Confederate airforce. We found your web page and were amazed at how many different types of planes there were im WW2. Thank You for sharing the history. If I were a wealthy man.

  2. janice deboard

    i have come into possession of some old pictures from 1943 and 1941. i have pictures of a couple pf pilots and some aircraft. i also have some pictures of some other people including a nurse. some of these pictures have been taken from the air. i would like to reearch these but i can’t seem to find anything on the planes “hitlers hearse” “bastard” “rambling rose” and a couple more.

  3. Kristi Minor

    Looking for pictures of Lil Red a B17 from when my grandfather was captured April 9,1945 it has a baby painted on it any photos would be nice

  4. George Sakellariou

    Looking for pictures or building plans from WWII German dual engine bombers Like the Ju88 (Junker).
    I was on a diving on what we thought was WWII Ju88 wreck in Ithaka Greece when I run into a piece that nobody spotted before and of course I took a couple of photos. It looks like a circular porthole with smaller round holes inside.
    We began to research what the piece was from and after a colleague submitted the picture to the RAF museum we got a response of a couple of locations where this particular piece would be located, and they said was the porthole that you checked the ammunition, although the piece doesn’t match as the ones on the Ju88 this porthole is on flat parts of the plane, when what I photographed is more rectangular.
    Any WWII plane experts would like to get involved in identifying this plane?
    We have several pieces of the plane within reachable depths including the tail section and engines, but the main body must have dropped beyond our reachable depths.


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